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Health Ministries


.As Seventh Day Adventists we place a great deal of importance upon healthful living. We believe true Christianity not only promises an eternal life to come, but helps us enjoy the highest quality of life while on this earth. We believe God’s basic principles of good health can be easily remembered and followed.


 Exercise... Maintain a consistent strengthening and cardio program.
Nutrition... Eat a balanced diet of fruits, nuts, grains and veggies.
Water... Drink 6-9 12oz. glasses of water daily.
Fresh Air... Get out into the fresh air daily.
Self Control... Limiting food intake and other indulgences lead to better health.
Sunlight... Enjoy a little each day.
Rest... The body needs 7-8 hours every night.
Positive Attitude... Positive thoughts improve your mind and body.
Addiction Free... A lifestyle free from alcohol and substance abuse results in happier and healthier living.
Trust In God... He is the source of healthy, happy living.